Heroes Strike, Epic turn-based RPG created by Fun Oxide Co.,Ltd.,

where the group of RPG-Lovers with different skills gather together, strongly bonded with the same dream to make the great games.


So far, we have been developing this game for 8 months and would
like to share what we can do in the our teaser trailer.


We created this site to share our inspiration and progress to connect with you all.

Most importantly, we would like to invite you all, the inspired
gamers, to share what you think about our game and to be in part of
making this game happen in the world.


Finally, we would like to leave you all with following questions.

+   At the first impression, what do you think about this game?
+   What do you think about our graphic design and heroes?
+   Do you have favorite heroes in your mind?

     Please share which heroes you want to be in the game.


Any topics to share are welcome. Please stay tune and leave us your feedback.


We believe the more we care what you think, the greater game we can do!

New Trailers

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