After the ancient dark lord of the underworld was resurrected and hope to merge the earth, hell and heaven into one under his own power. It's the time to assemble heroes from all over the world and all dimensions of time to fight with the evil forces and save the world.


After this sentence we copy from another game na ka. Free to Play and you can now customize your Heroes. You can create your own look from the wide selection of content. Customize yourself with a wide variety of cosmetic items to create the look you want, You'll earn items as you play, and every time your Battle Level increases. When you find your next favorite hero, trade those old clothes away for some new equipment.


Describe the sentence that can attract players and why we should have these things, Some sentence to Invite all players for interest our game. I think we should have5-6 paragraph for beautiful layout. So, after this word does not involve in our game na ka for see the layout. bla bla bla ... what what what bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ..end

You can get more power by wear equipments

You can craft all equip for increase your power

You mush have these items for increase more energies


The card can support all the heroes in your team and make more power to be strong. Don’t forget to fine them. May you will be the one in the world bla bla bla..then make more sentences to attract all players at least5 paragraph thank you so much ka.

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Dead Ent_v01

Make more sentences that so funny, interest and excited. I’m not sure what we can describe but it can have 5-6 paragraph for beautiful layout. Moreover, on the the top of these subject we will have battle, arena and underworld scene. Thank you so much ka. By the way, If we have  story or some sentence necessary we will tell you ASAP. bla bla bla bla bla

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