Summon all-star heroes and legendary characters.  Build the team by collecting and crafting items.

Strike enemies with the virtual battles!!!

Heroes Strike is a classic turn-based RPG for iOS and Android (and PCs on Stream ).









Heroes Strike is a turn-base RPG about the great war set in a new fantasy world. After the ancient dark lord of the underworld was resurrected and hope to merge the earth, hell and heaven into one under his own power. It's the time to assemble heroes from all over the world and all dimensions of time to fight with the evil forces and save the world.








Fun Oxide is a small, self-funded and humble independent game developer team based in Bangkok.

For more than 10 years as a production team in game industry, we have gathered the graphic, coding and music veterans who love playing game. We have passion and dream to create what we love.


Our mission


Heroes Strike is our passionate project. We aim to make this game the great fun and fantastic experience for the gamers. Not only for fun, but we intend to make it in the best quality and include innovation into the game. We hope this game could be at least another effort encouraging the game industry to make laugh and joy for everyone.


About the project


Heroes Strike  is currently in development. We create this site to be a hub for us to promote our product and update news/artworks/videos. Especially, gamers can share ideas and participate as a part of developmental process. 

We have a lot of activities for you to join and get rewards!




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