One day in the ancient world, no one could foresee that the great war was about to begin. While the war seemed to see its end, in the tiny light of hope, adverse kingdom bet to win the war by using legendary magic, but accidentally, the result had and opposite effect and awakened the ancient dark lord from his long slumber. With the will to dominate the earth, hell and heaven to be under his power, he then invaded all the world with his dark army. Every corner that he reached, darkness spread to there, from town to town from country to country.

          It is now the time to gather the heroes from all the world and dimensions, to fight the evils and save the world or die trying. And you are the chosen one among of them.


        Summon your heroes from the different time and dimension, band them together and fight the way to strength them up and unleash their true power, equip them with the mighty gears and create the strongest band of heroes to protect the world.


     Once, there is a phase that describes the legendary item “It can cleave even the earth and the ocean”. Although the real one has long lost in the flow of time, but the knowledge to recreate them are still out there somewhere. Hiding in the secret chest, deep in outrage dungeon or even in the hand of fearsome boss that appear time to time. It still waiting for proper one to claim it.

The stronger the equipment, the more power you have. Find them and fight to be on the top

Only the legendary material can be crafted to be the legendary item. Explore the world and find them to create yours

Always be prepared, refresh your team in the battle against the darkness with these magical potion to avoid unexpected danger


             These magical cards that hold an unimaginable power are the legacy from the ancient. Some say that you can find them in the deep dungeon, and some say that it was hidden in the secret chest somewhere. Anyway, no one know about them exactly. But there is one thing for sure. Arcane cards can only be used and unleashed their true power with the right hero team condition. They can grant the massive power to unleash the hidden strength of your heroes.


        Go on an epic story adventure with your mighty heroes in the world of Valondale through many different terrains in field, deep forest, desert valley, even in the deep caves. Fight your way to explore the areas and challenge fearsome bosses in order to save people from the darkness. Challenge the Underworld dungeon and fight the epic giant bosses to get legendary items.  Or prove yourself among the heroes by fighting them in the Arena and stand on the peak of all the braves.